Our names are Emi&Lea and we are twin sisters!
We are currently finishing our BA thesis in Japanese, but at the same time we are obsessing about our lovely BJDs, Chiharu (Leekeworld Mabel), Beni (Leekeworld Mikhaila) and our Erika (limited edition Yul from Luts)
Currently we are waiting for our Full set Mika from Fairyland, but so far we have not decided on a name for him:S
We also love making clothing and accessories for our lovelies and are thinking about selling accessories in the future>< <3
Hope you like our blog!^^
OH! And we absolutely love gyaru fashion and makeup! <3 <3 <3

Lea with red lipstick♡


Liz Lisa 2014-2015 Furisode Collection

Purple eyemake tutorial by Emi on our blog!

Want to see how Emi does this look? Head on over to our blog to see how♡

We did each others makeup awhile agoXD


Golds Infinity (top) and Luxe Rose (bottom)


Brand: Luxe Rose
S/S 2014 Collection Vol. 2

Tried to make the second shots focus on the details. A couple more at the source.


Mini Luxe Rose spam. I like how luxe rose plays with sheers and lacing for a lot of their items. You’ll see .