Our names are Emi&Lea and we are twin sisters!
We are currently finishing our BA thesis in Japanese, but at the same time we are obsessing about our lovely BJDs, Chiharu (Leekeworld Mabel), Beni (Leekeworld Mikhaila) and our Erika (limited edition Yul from Luts)
Currently we are waiting for our Full set Mika from Fairyland, but so far we have not decided on a name for him:S
We also love making clothing and accessories for our lovelies and are thinking about selling accessories in the future>< <3
Hope you like our blog!^^
OH! And we absolutely love gyaru fashion and makeup! <3 <3 <3
双子のギャル界: Our Makeup Series ♡Skin Care♡ ▷

Starting a new series on our blog♡



Peakswoods Into the Woods - Fairy of Colors Bella The Moon

Site: Peakswoods

I can never resist dreaming dolls.



Finally got a chance to wear my Swankiss setup!

Always so cute!


What kind of job is a starter job? I just feel like whatever jobs there are I’m not fit for them even though I’m well educated..and not being a native English speaker is a GIGANTIC disadvantage…noone needs Dutch speakers for anything..

THIS THIS THIS!!! ^^^^^^^^

This is too true! Which sucks since there are so many native English speakers that suck at their own mother language, but still I feel like they have a better chance than non-native English speakers at getting a job just because they are NATIVE…

New video<3

Two recent outfits♡


Hello, this is Álög Cosmetics!

I want to do a giveaway for you wonderful tumblr people. to apply you have to:

1) follow this blog

2) reblog this post

3) be a person (Because house pets usually don’t have much use for lipsticks aside from eating them)

The prize is on the pictures, three Álög lipsticks; Teatime, Kitten and Nebula. These lipsticks are not tested on animals and have only high quality ingredients. (free from mineral oil, parabens and stuff) They’re not vegan, though. This is because they contain beeswax. (I can’t help it, beeswax is lovely) The beeswax is the only animal byproduct they contain, however.

Teatime: Muted brownish tangerine, with a soft violet sheen.

Kitten: Reddish pink.

Nebula: Violet with golden sheen.

I will draw a lucky winner for all three when this post has reached at least 200 entries. The winner will be picked at random.

The lipsticks will be shipped for free worldwide in a regular envelope with no tracking, unless the winner really wants it to be registered mail, in which case they have to pay for the shipping themselves.

Love, Socky.


Eating a clover by EmixLea on Flickr.

Awww…<3 Someone posted our Miku’s pic on tumblr<3
He really was an adorable little fluffball *^^*


Virgi ll by candyangelz

She is so gorgeous! Love the feel of this picture!

Emi and Lea

Today’s look for a bit of shopping♡