Our names are Emi&Lea and we are twin sisters!
We are currently finishing our BA thesis in Japanese, but at the same time we are obsessing about our lovely BJDs, Chiharu (Leekeworld Mabel), Beni (Leekeworld Mikhaila) and our Erika (limited edition Yul from Luts)
Currently we are waiting for our Full set Mika from Fairyland, but so far we have not decided on a name for him:S
We also love making clothing and accessories for our lovelies and are thinking about selling accessories in the future>< <3
Hope you like our blog!^^
OH! And we absolutely love gyaru fashion and makeup! <3 <3 <3

Blast from the past.

Our first try at gyaru was on our 20th birthday (back in 2011).

Back then we didn’t have any circle lenses, but we loved doing gyaru makeup (definitely wasn’t great now that I think about it, especially the month where we didn’t have any circle lenses).

After we got the circle lenses and better eyelashes I do believe we got better at the EYE makeup, however I believe that for the longest time our BASE makeup was quite lacking…

In our opinion the base makeup is as important as the eye makeup and hair, as for the whole look to be perfect, you can not skip foundation and powders, as the look looks quite unfinished when you only do the eyes.

We didn’t start using powders until we got to Japan as then for the first time we found a shade perfect for our skin. As believe it or not, even though lot of Icelandic women have white or pale skin, it is quite hard finding the right shade of pressed powder, as so many just want to appear tan that they just use a darker shade than what they need. Hence no white pressed powder.

So when we finally got to Japan and got the right pressed powder we started to get a whole lot better at our base makeup, making our finished look a lot better, or so we believe.

Even now when trying new things we still make mistakes, but we hope to only get better from now on, and that you all gals do your best to get better too <3


Rienda girls

Not sure I posted this last spring or not..but I feel this is the only best way of doing gyaru with (pastel) gingham~


Suuuper cute Rienda staff Corina with new nails :3


Brand: Rienda // Rienda Girls
Mm this palette is popular.