Our names are Emi&Lea and we are twin sisters!
We are currently finishing our BA thesis in Japanese, but at the same time we are obsessing about our lovely BJDs, Chiharu (Leekeworld Mabel), Beni (Leekeworld Mikhaila) and our Erika (limited edition Yul from Luts)
Currently we are waiting for our Full set Mika from Fairyland, but so far we have not decided on a name for him:S
We also love making clothing and accessories for our lovelies and are thinking about selling accessories in the future>< <3
Hope you like our blog!^^
OH! And we absolutely love gyaru fashion and makeup! <3 <3 <3


Eating a clover by EmixLea on Flickr.

Awww…<3 Someone posted our Miku’s pic on tumblr<3
He really was an adorable little fluffball *^^*


Virgi ll by candyangelz

She is so gorgeous! Love the feel of this picture!

Emi and Lea

Today’s look for a bit of shopping♡


Updated our English and Japanese blogs!

Been working at the register at the international airport of Iceland and I so do that!!!!! Way to funnyxD




匿名 whispered: You should totally do a twin tag video! If you haven't seen it yet, just type "twin tag" into the youtube searchbar ^^

haha, we’ll look it up!
thank you♡


My order for an elder Belia has been confirmed!! I’m picking her up this sunday @.@ *vibrates*

*o* Congratz!!! Looking forward to seeing all of her pictures! ^^

Moving to Japan!

We have finally started planning our move to Japan!!!!
A few days ago we applied for some jobs, and we already got a reply from one of them, so we just have to send them some stuff which we spent today working on, so hopefully we will be able so send it to them tomorrow!

Then we have been looking at where to live and we found a REALLY nice share house in Futago tamagawa, which is perfect!!!
It has a really nice living area, but we will have a 40 fermeter room with a shower room and a toilet which are separate and then a small kitchen… well that is if we get that roomXDBut I am kind of overly excited at the moment, so I am getting a bit ahead of myself, but we are crossing our fingers!!!