This is our dog Nero, he is eight years old and when he was about two years old we got the news that he has severe allergies to things from cotton and house dirt to tobacco smoke!

Since then every summer he has to be on steroids since it gets worse during summer time due to the fact that he also had pollen allergies.

Every year we spend a lot on his medical fees, and even more on his special diet, since three months of food costs 19.000ISK which is quite a lot!
But we still do it, and have been doing for the last six years, and will continue doing because we LOVE him, just like we would love a family member.

So today our mom went to the vet to buy his medicine, it costed 12.600ISK(but it is getting worse by the years and now he also has to take medicine for his kidneys) and she made a status about it on facebook and one of the comments really irked us. But a woman that we know had the nerve to say” just get rid of Nero, I got rid of mine when it got too expensive”.
Is that really the right thing to say to anyone about someone they love?
Our answer to that woman was quite short :” Bringing me up was also quite expensive, why not just get rid of me at the same time?”.

I know some people will most likely not like it when people put animals in the same category as humans, but our upbringing cost our mother WAY more than the medicine for our dog, no matter how expensive that is, and she loves him(and our two cats) JUST as much as she loves us two.

So if it so MIGHT happen that you are NOT ready to take on the responsibilities of PAYING for your dogs, cats, hamster whatever animal you love, if on the off chance it might get sick in the future, DON’T GET ONE!

Just like you don’t get rid of your family members you should treat your loved pets with the same respect!

  1. kuri-pieのコメント: What a gorgeous dog! He’s very lucky to have such a loving family. I personally believe pets are a part of the family and I agree with you!
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